Sunday, 12 December 2010

Admiral Yi is on vacation!

He is South Korea's most famous naval hero, accorded with the highest military honors, a very tall reminder why his statue stands right in central Seoul.

Admiral Yi Sun-Sin's huge statue in Gwanghwamun has been standing at the main intersection for 42 years now. And all those years, while the Admiral has entertained himself by watching the pedestrian and vehicular traffic, metal fatigue and corrosion have slowly crept into his imposing figure.

So, on November 14, 2010, the Admiral decided to go on vacation to have a make-over. He was brought to Icheon City for some refurbishing and restoration, and perhaps to add some smile to his face.

(The Admiral is 'blue' because of the blue bandage coating him to protect the statue during his transportation.)

The expression on his statue's face has this unfearful and 'do-not-mess-with-this-ajussi' look. So, I think it would be nice if the restorers add some smile to his face,  instead of this 'unfriendliness'.  After all, there are no more Japanese invaders down south which he successfully fended off in 1592 to 1598. No need for that look anymore.The only Japanese invaders loitering around him are those carrying duty-free shopping bags while busy taking his pictures.  

After his restoration, the Admiral will be back on December 22, 2010, in time for Christmas and some celebration of his new shiny look. 

Although I will be on vacation myself when he retakes his pedestal, in the new year I will definitely pay him a visit with my camera on hand.  And on that day, the Admiral should be ready for his close-up.

Enjoy your vacation, Admiral Yi!


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