Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who wants a puffy omelette for brunch?

And I thought that it was just another pancake-slash-omelette place. What I didn't know was that it was voted as the number one place in Seoul to have brunch by a local English magazine. Shame on me! I should pay more attention to my neighborhood.

Yes, that place is in my neighborhood in Hannam-dong, in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Almost every morning, on the corner near the bus stop where I hop on a green bus which takes me to work, I notice this small place with a cozy atmosphere when its staff of young ladies layout the chairs and tables. Last autumn and winter, I noticed they placed blankets for customers! Talking about homely charm!

And as I said, I thought it was another pancake place....until I tried it!

So, one morning, I invited Fay and her daughter, Lia, who was on vacation from Manila, to join me in trying the pancakes and omelettes of this place. This was after I browsed through that magazine which featured an article on the best brunch places in Seoul.

So, we got table, ordered a mix of pancakes and omelettes with coffee. And as expected, as the morning went, more people came in and the place was full even before I finished my first cup!

This place was indeed popular! And I think I remember seeing people lining up for a table during weekends!

Passing the morning with chit-chat complemented with puffy mozzarella omelettes, pancakes, sausages and coffee, we had a great brunch at this place. Something I recommend you to have with your friends as well.

I hope I have convinced you, especially with the photos. Hahaha!

The place? "Pancakes Original Story" in Hannam-dong, next to the main intersection. Be early if you're going there on a Saturday. Don't tell me I didn't warn you of the long wait. Unfortunately, I think they're closed on Sundays.

So, who wants a puffy omelette for brunch?


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